First Light, 2102-70 is bM’s Color for 2020.

This pale pink color offers a very soothing feeling in today’s over scheduled, busy world. We have been seeing it used allot Boho and Scandinavian designs, because of it’s clean and crisp vibe. This soft color can often be a great alternative to white. Making it the perfect hue to use in a bathroom, bedroom, or even living room.

According to celebrity designer Kelly Wearstler “Everyone looks good in a pink room,” She has said that blush walls are the secret to feeling your best self. Just like rosy checks make you glow from the inside out. Pale pink walls, with the correct lighting, could make you appear to radiate, and how great would that be if you entertain allot.

Kelly Wearstler
Credit; M.Domino

It is no wonder that First Light is the perfect soothing shade for a bedroom and nursery alike. When paired with gold accents and touches of grey, we think the result is perfection.

Credit: Home Bunch
Credit: Decor Pad
Credit: Topps Tiles
Credit: Crosby Studios

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